October 4

Hello, who are you?

It's time to start blogging and connecting!

It’s time to start blogging and connecting!

It’s time for us to start participating in biannual Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge. During this challenge you will learn all about blogging and connect with other classes all over the world. Start by reading Week 1’s post by Miss W.  Next, do Activity 1 and 2 by yourself.  In Activity 1 you’ll think about your online identity and your real life identities–write down a few things.  In Activity 2 you’ll get to create your own avatar. (Try these sites to make an avatar.) You can upload your avatar to your Edublogs Profile once you have an account. Don’t worry about Activity 3. We’ll do that as a class.

And, don’t forget to visit some of the other classes who are participating in the challenge. You can find a list of them here…start with the classes just above and below our class blog. Have fun! And, can’t wait to see your avatars.