October 11

Let’s comment

Earth, courtesy Apollo 17, and probably the most reproduced image of all timeCreative Commons License woodleywonderworks via Compfight

It’s time to start commenting on other class blogs around the world. Check out Edublogs Week 2’s challenge, Let’s Comment posted by Miss W. It’s all about making quality comments. We’ve talked about this in class and so it’s a good time to review what a great comment looks like. Watch the video on our class blog or visit the sites Miss W recommends. Leave a comment here about what you learn from these new videos or resources. What makes a great comment?

When you start to leave comments, make sure you  include the URL of our class blog at the bottom of your comment  mrsmckelvey.edublogs.org.

And, don’t forget to finish your Avatar posts this week.

Have fun connecting with other classes! Which class blog is your favorite. Be sure to leave a comment here about that too.