February 22

Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express book review

Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express is a great book by Megan McDonald. The main characters are Stink, Sophie, Webster and Mrs. Birdwhistle. There are many more different characters but I should not give them away. The story is about Sophie, Webster, and Stink finding 101 guinea pigs and trying to adopt them to people. Will they find homes for all 101 guinea pigs?

My favorite part is when Astro tiptoed across a laptop and e-mailed a kid’s dad’s boss because it made me laugh out loud. A kid came and bought five guinea pigs and came back to give them back because the guinea pigs did bad things. They ate jelly beans and pooped in a shoe.

The problem in the story is for kids to try and adopt the one hundred and one guinea pigs to people. In the end, Sophie, Webster and Stink end up adopting some guinea pigs to other people. The lesson they learned is it’s better to use teamwork than not. The kids worked together to get all the guinea pigs homes. The decided how to get people to adopt the guinea pigs. They think of a plan  to decorate a van an   nd call it squeals on wheels.

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