Vote For Tackle Football!


Posted by Pieter | Posted in Games, Health, Sports | Posted on January 19, 2017

Kids-56952 1280.jpgHow many kids in the USA play tackle football? 1,088,158 and that’s a lot, but now people are going to take that away. Do you think tackle football for youths should be banned? A lot of people think this but I wrote this essay to convince people that tackle football is safe to play.

Imagine it, the fourth quarter, you’re down by seven and there’s five seconds left. You’re the wide receiver for your team and the ball goes to you! The opposing team comes to tackle you and you’re scared out of your mind! You’re running like crazy and then you hear the crowd chanting touchdown! Touchdown! It’s the greatest moment of your life! Youth football haters, do you want to take this moment away from kids? If you’re still not convinced here are some reasons that tackle football is safe.

Just to be safe, youth leagues like Pop Warner are taking it to the next level. My first reason is Pop warner will ban kickoffs because prevent major injuries. This will satisfy a lot of youth tackle football haters. The youth league coaches are teaching their players how to tackle properly so it makes less injuries. Now tackles will be a lot safer.“Youth football is safer now than it’s ever been” says Jon Butler, the head coach of Pop Warner.  

Also,kids are getting the proper gear to play tackle football so the hits don’t hurt as much. In order to play,They are required to wear the following: Helmet, chest plate,and backplate. The helmet provides head protection so you won’t get a concussion or brain injury if you get injured. The chest plate prevents you from breaking your ribs or collar bone. The back plate prevents you from breaking your spine a.k.a backbone.

The opposing side does not favor tackle football. They want to take those awesome fumbles and tackles away. Worst of all, they want to replace this sport with the dreaded flag football. I think that flag football is basically a spin off of the sport Rugby and that spin offs aren’t very good. This is why I chose tackle over flag.

I think tackle football for youths should be allowed and I think you should to. If you follow these rules about tackle football, next time you play I assure you that you will be a whole lot safer., CC0, Link

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Top 5 Rarest Pokemon On Pokemon Go


Posted by Jake | Posted in Games | Posted on January 13, 2017

Today on this blog post, Dolan and I will be writing about the top 5 rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go!

Number 5

The fifth rarest pokemon is Porygon. Porygon is in the  Virtual category. Type: normal. Porygons weakness is fighting. Porygon can evolve to Porygon2.

Number 4

Alakazam’s ability is Inner Focus and Synchronize.  The weaknesses are Dark, Bug, and  Ghost. It Evolves from Kadabra. It’s Ability (hidden) Magic Guard.  

Number 3

The Dragonite is the 3rd rarest Pokemon in the game it is one of the most powerful pokemon in the game. It is a flying type. It’s weakness is ice,dragon,fairy and rock. It evolves from dragonir

Number 2

The 2nd rarest is chansey. It is very hard to get. It’s Category is an Egg. It’s type is normal. It’s ability is  Serene Grace and Natural Cure. It’s weakness is fighting. It evolves from  Happiny. It evolves to  Blissey.

Number 1

Gyarados is the rarest pokemon in pokemon go= (see picture below). Its weakness is rock and electric. It’s ability is water,and flying. It evolves from a magikarp.

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The Story of Martin Luther King Jr.


Posted by Mrs. McKelvey | Posted in Current Events & News | Posted on January 13, 2017

On Monday we get a holiday from school to celebrate the great Martin Luther King Jr. Isn’t it cool that we can change things like Dr. King. What’s your plan to change things?

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Compassion It! The power to change our world


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compassion itBy Maya

Compassion it is a very important social movement. Compassion is a organization where they want everyone to be compassionate to one another. Compassionate is now a verb. So what that means is that now compassioning it is one of our actions.

Recently Sara Schairer came to Curie Elementary and talked to two our 4th grade classes. One of them was mine. We learned what being compassionate is, when and how it all started, where did this all happened, who started it and finally why it started.

When did this all start? This started in 2008. Sara Schairer  made a thought and wanted it to happen right away. The business has now been successful for 8 whole years. Close to a decade.

How it all got started? Well, in 2008 Sara’s perfect life went all upside down. It was pretty hard to take care of an 18 month yr old being a single mom. She divorced but the husband divorced her so she needed a new point in life. A new path. She was watching TV and found the Ellen show. (Yes. The Ellen  show technically gave her the idea.) She was watching and saw Wayne dyer was on the show. He was talking about how teaching your kids compassion is way more important than anything. Sure math  and ELA is important too but being compassionate is way more important. Sara kept constantly thinking about and turned compassionate to compassion it. They sound the same but now compassion it was a verb, well known as an action. By help of her best friends compassion it became a social movement.

Now where is this movement happening? All over the world. Sara has been to Africa and one video from the United Kingdom made a ton of new people on with it. “Compassion it” is with 6 different continents. Antarctica has not been with compassion it. Penguins just aren’t with the program these days.

Who started this? Of course  it’s the one and only Sara Schairer. Sara is a very bright girl that started a huge social movement. Sara even sells buy able products. 

How have you been compassionate? Have been commissioning it? Please comment below.

Paul L via Compfight

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Kid President , We All Need A Pep Talk


Posted by Mrs. McKelvey | Posted in Community, Student Posts | Posted on October 14, 2016

We love Kid President! He says some pretty amazing, touching, and powerful things. For example, “We can make everyday better for each other.” There are some terrible things going on in the world and it makes us wonder if we all just did one little nice thing for someone, then maybe our world would be a little better for everyone. How will you make today better for someone? What do you think about Kid President?

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Star Stable Update


Posted by blogginfrogs2 | Posted in Games | Posted on May 16, 2016

By Cheyenne

Yesterday Star Stable realest a new horse, its a Welsh Pony! This pony will be own by you only if you are friends with Hermit, i know, i know, BUT you have to have 790 star coins so buy them at Star Stable Online. The Welsh pony is like your jorvik pony’s but smaller, SO CUTE. BUY THEM TODAY IN SOUTH HOOF! Tell me what you name them in the comments! And maybe you will see me on SSO on the cupcake Sever! NEW WELSH PONY


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20% Time / Curopoly


Posted by curiejackclark | Posted in Games | Posted on May 16, 2016

For our 20Time project we are making a board game called Curopoly. Curopoly is a mixture of a game called Monopoly and Sorry. It is about our school, Marie Curie Elementary. The object of the game is to be the last one with Curie bucks left. There are classrooms for rent and go to detention spaces.


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Fat Food not Fast Food


Posted by Dancing Boo | Posted in Health | Posted on May 1, 2016

by Jaidyn

A lot of people eat fast food but fast food isn’t such a good deal. It is very bad so people should eat less of it. First, it is very fattening and if you eat it too much you can get really fat. Also, it has bad stuff in it that sometimes makes you sick and I bet you do not want to be sick…I don’t. Last but not least, it is very cheap and but cheap stuff mostly has bad stuff in it. Parents like that some food is cheap but, it is still bad for you. Did you know that if you eat too much of the bad stuff that is in Fast Food you can get cancer.

  A lot of fast food taste good but that is because there is so many bad things in it like salt and sugar and other bad stuff. If you live in San Diego then you should be lucky because there is not as much fast food than other places in the world like Mexico.

Do you know how much calories are in a Big Mac at McDonald? There are 540 calories! That’s a lot of calories in just one meal.

Fast Food is cheap and most of the time cheap food is bad for you, but some people don’t have a lot of money so they eat fast food a lot of fast food. I sometimes have fast food because my parents don’t get their check for work till Friday and Wednesday. Next time you eat fast food maybe you’ll think about whether it’s really a good deal or not.


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Hour of Code


Posted by blogginfrogs2 | Posted in Science & Tech | Posted on May 1, 2016

By Jade and Leilani



Have you ever wondered how a computer works, how it programs, and how it Hour of Code is a great way to learn how  a computer works. Hour of Code can show young kids how to code and makes the brain work harder too. It’s amazing! Besides amazing, hour of code is very challenging. And it can push you, some are really easy but it pushes your brain to work harder and will also make you smarter!
Most kids in the summer are just really lazy in the summer and mostly just watch TV. But instead of watching, you should be challenging your brain with the hour of code. Then in next year you can have a higher chance of getting good grades for their school work. It can create a “new” world in the computer. There are many versions that you can play. For example, there is Minecraft, Star Wars, Frozen, and Angry Birds. And much more to Hour of Code actives.

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Star Stable


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Star Stable

SSO ( Star Stable)

By Cheyenne

Star Stable Online is a game for only girls, but includes HORSES!!!! There are so much breeds like Shires or Morgans all of them you name it!

When you start it takes a while to download, when it is done downloading you get to make your own character and name it with the names they have. You can also name and choose and color for you own first horse! It is slow at first but you can get more gear for your horse and character. WARNING: only free until  level 5 . You can get  star rider to continue more quests.

Now to the cool part! If you want more star coins for new horses you can buy them on their site Star Stable Their really cool!  

Star Stable loves new players. So go to their website today and make an account.

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Board Games Give You Intellect and Manners!


Posted by BlogginFrogsStudent | Posted in Health | Posted on February 22, 2016

197/365: Eldritch Horror Guido Gloor Modjib via Compfight

by Mattias

Lots of kids like to play board games like Monopoly, Sorry, Ticket To Ride, Catan, and Clue. Board games can do great things to your brain. Board games can help your thinking, intelligence, and strategy. Read this essay for us to play more board games.

If you ever have trouble in school, board games can improve that. The board game Clue was actually used by a teacher and his kids played it in class for logic and guessing. Other board games also help with critical thinking logic. It helps math if it has anything to do with numbers. Games like Scrabble and other word games help you with word study and other word activities.

Board games help you with manners too! Board games where you have to work together to get your goal helps you have manners to stay confident with others. “Games that are competitive help you not get angry if you don’t get something you want,” says Prezi. “You can play a board game to calm you down if you have a lot of energy.”

Last but not least, they help you with daily things, like understanding things. They help you plan ahead If something doesn’t go too smooth for you.  You might not get what you want.Games like Catan and Ticket to Ride help you with strategy, so you can figure out confusing things faster and better.
Now, with all these details about how the board games give you manners and make you smart, I hope you agree with me of how these games actually make you smarter and more civilized. You get calmer, more smarter, and be able to solve problems better and quicker than you did before. I know some people will say that they are very boring, so you should not play them. I think that is a bunch of bologna, but some people might disagree with me. They’re great, So it’s a real benefit if you play board games.

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Don’t Overuse Your Electronics


Posted by BlogginFrogsStudent | Posted in Health | Posted on February 22, 2016

by Leilani

[22/365]: Lost in technologyCreative Commons License Devin Stein via Compfight

SO many people aren’t being very social because they spend all their time on tablets or phones, and don’t look up and never will talk to anyone. I think it’s unhealthy and bad because it can cause a large decrease in your social life.  If you don’t want to be taken over by the grip of addicting electronics, you should read this article to not be able to stop playing electronics.

Also, did you know that your brain can be split into two if  you don’t stop playing electronics. Your brain can also be TAKEN AWAY BY ALIENS AND BE PUT INTO A JAR! Just kidding. But if you’d really like to put your brain in a jar, you can, although it would hurt.

And did you know that if you stop playing on electronics, you and your life will be a lot less stressful. It’s true, you can become a lot less stressful because a lot of the games on phones, tablets, computers, or Ipads cost a lot of stress. They can be timed, and can stress you out.

Another downside of electronics is if you’re a young little kid, let us say you’re four. Your older brother also uses the phone and plays violent games on it. One day you get ahold of the phone and you accidently press on one of the most violent games he has. You become really scared because it has a lot of blood and violence, and you run to tell your mom. My point is, a lot of the games in the world are too violent for kids, and are being played too much and some kids are even starting to play real life GAMES related to them.

Another reason  electronics aren’t good is because a lot of kids and teens are becoming obsessed with electronics and won’t stop and that can be bad because as I said before, it can make your brain split into two halves and can cause a lot of damage and I know you wouldn’t want that, right?

In conclusion, I think kids and teens should use Tablets, Phones, Ipads, and Computers a lot less, or even completely stop using them because it maybe  might be one of the biggest problems we have if you think about it.


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Hover Boards No More


Posted by judy | Posted in Health | Posted on February 11, 2016

Sophie On Ben's New Hoverboard Joe Shlabotnik via Compfight

by Judy S.

Thousands of kids are getting hover boards then find there are deadly effects. What is a hoverboard? The hoverboard is a device that is controlled by human movement and uses a lithium battery that can easily explode and kill you so hoverboards should be banned for these reasons. They,re blowing up, there a fire hazard and you could go to the hospital.

Hover boards are blowing because the lithium battery will react if you don’t turn off the hover board. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, there have now been 12 incidents in the United States where the lithium ion batteries in these hover boards reportedly blew up  destroying bedrooms and even entire homes.

Fires have started in all sorts of different circumstances, too. According to owners and witnesses, some of the hoverboards exploded while charging, others while riding  and one while it was simply sitting near a kiosk in a Washington shopping mall. There have been several other hoverboard fires reported in the UK, and at least one in Hong Kong.

People are falling for their new hoverboards – literally.Hoverboards have become one of this season’s hottest gifts, but safety concerns surrounding the popular two-wheeled motorized skateboards are putting a damper on some customers’ holidays.”We’ve seen a lot of falls over the holidays,” U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission spokesperson Patty Davis tells us “We’ve seen at least 39 emergency room treated injuries associated with hoverboards: concussions, fractures, contusions, abrasions.”

On the other side there fun to ride and play on. Thousands of kids are getting hoverboards then find there are deadly effects like the hoverboard blowing up or catching on fire and having to go to the hospital because of an injury with a hoverboard.

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Drones Stink!


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Phone the Drone Ars Electronica Center via Compfight

By Ava    

Lots of people are thinking dones are fun so they want to buy drones but we need to get them under control. Thieves can use drones to spy on other people. Drones are very expensive. Drones are also taking over jobs that people do.

How would you like it if someone broke into your house? Well now they can with drones. Right now a drone could be spying on you and in a matter of minutes someone can break into your house.

Some drones can cost up to $150, $290, or even over $1,000. who would want a toy that would waste all of your allowance. Sometimes a drone will cost a lot of money but will break down, and will waste your money.   

Drones are taking over things that we do which is not a good idea because it will make people lazy and not wanting to do their job(s). Kids are going to soon have drones doing their homework, which will increase kids lack of smarts.

To some people a drone can be very disturbing, but to most people think drones are fun and good to play with. For drones there are more bad reasons than good, that is why we should ban DRONES from California.


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Fat Food Not Fast Food


Posted by Dancing Boo | Posted in Health | Posted on February 10, 2016

SunnyDinner(at KITASENJU)'s HamburgerCreative Commons License kimishowota via Compfight

by Jaidyn 

A lot of people eat fast food but fast food is very bad so, people should eat less of it because, is very fating and if you eat it to much you can get really FAT.2.It has bad stuff in it that sometimes makes you sick and i bett you do not want to be sick… i dont. Last but not least, 3.It is very cheap and cheap stuff mostly has bad stuff in it and i parents like that some food is cheap but, it is still bad for you. Did you know that if you eat too much of the bad stuff that is in Fast Food you can get cancer.

A lot of fast food taste good but that is because there is so much bad things in it like salt and sugar and other bad stuff. If you live in San Diego then you should be lucky because there are not as much fast food than other places in the world like Mexico and New York city.

Do you know how much calories are in a big mac at McDonalds? There are 540 calories and if you  

Fast Food is cheap and most of the time cheap food is bad for you, but some people don’t have a lot of money so they eat fast food a lot of fast food. I sometimes have fast food because my parents don’t get there check for work till Friday and Wednesday.

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Doomed Drones


Posted by Quince | Posted in Science & Tech | Posted on February 10, 2016

   Ich habe heute leider keinen Titel für dich.Creative Commons License Chris Blank via Compfight

By Quinci

What is a drone? A drone is an aircraft that can navigate autonomously, without human control soas they will take people’s jobs, invade privacy , and they don’t carry much or go to far also they are dangerous

Drones shouldn’t be for delivery because it can be dangerous to planes.In the spring of 2014 a 375lbs drone that was flew by the Pennsylvania Army National Guard crashed outside of a elemantry school in near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, school was out so no body was hurt.

Drones invade people’s privacy.There was a lady sunbathing topless in the privacy of her secluded backyard near Melbourne, Australia and a drone, hired by a real estate agent to take photos of the property next door to her house was, and making a buzzing sound. Later she was horrified to discover a picture the drone had taken, showing her mostly naked body was in billboard real estate ads.

Drones don’t carry a lot and only so go far.drones can only carry up to 5lbs, that’s only 86% of Amazon’s deliveries. A test shows that it can will only go 10 miles said Bezos. Their lithium batteries can only last 2 to 3 year, also their  batteries can explode and blow up your package and the drone.

If we have drones people will be losing their jobs because the drone will deliver your packages not the mailman, Over 500,000 drones have been sold.There are many people that have jobs caring packages where will they go , WHERE WILL THEY GO!

On the other side they can be handy, fast, and can fly and that means it can beat traffic.Thousands of drones are taking over the skies and need to be contained so drones so not be for delivery. They will take people’s jobs, invalid private , and they don’t carry much or go to far.

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Redskins’ Name Bad or Good?


Posted by BlogginFrogsStudent | Posted in Current Events & News | Posted on February 10, 2016

Robert Griffin III (RG3) Brook Ward via Compfightby  Jeremy

The Washington Redskins should change their name and logo because it’s very offensive to the American Indians. However some people think they should keep their name because they’ve had the name since the beginning of time. Three reasons why the redskins should change their name are people dress inappropriately, they hold weapons, and the mascot looks like a cartoon character.

The first reason is people dress up and wear war paint and hold tomahawks making natives seem violent. It also makes them seem like they are bad people when they’re really not. Natives only use weapons when they’re hunting or stuff like that.

The second reason is it is offensive and racist. It is offensive because not all natives wear headdresses but all fans wear them and when natives wear headdresses they wear them showing honor. When fans wear them they just wear them for fun.

The third reason is the native mascot looks like a cartoon. This is pretty offensive because natives are nothing like a cartoon. The logo has a huge head and the logo in 1951 looks nothing like a Native American. Also, if a native saw the team’s flag with the logo he or she would probably be really offended.

I think the Redskins should change their name because it’s rude to any native American because no one would call a native a redskin right in their face. However some people think they should keep the name because a lot of people just say there’s nothing wrong with the name but I don’t think that’s true because a native shouldn’t ever be called a redskin.

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Should Homework be Banned?


Posted by BlogginFrogsStudent | Posted in Current Events & News | Posted on February 10, 2016

Creative Commons License Brian Metcalfe via Compfight

By Makani

"I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework." - Author Unknown

Did you have a day where you had too much homework, you finished one pile, and you still had more piles left? Well did you know that all that hard work and stress is for nothing! Homework should be banned, kids across the U.S. get too much homework and banning homework is a good idea. Homework is not necessary, because it’s too stressful, not needed, and it takes to long to do.


There’s no need to do the same thing you did in class. It doesn’t help you learn, doing the same thing is not interesting for the student.

Homework is too stressful for the student. It’s not just the student but also the adult! For example, what if your mom planned a really cool place that you want to go to, but you have six more packets, then you get stressed and refused to do it and two more minutes your mom get stressed and she cancels it.   

It takes too long to get homework done. It takes so long to finish and you can’t do fun stuff or family time. or maybe you want to go to a friends house but it takes to long and they cancel it. Most people like homework  but  at least limit the amount you have. Homework should be banned!

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School Uniforms Good or Bad?


Posted by BlogginFrogsStudent | Posted in Current Events & News | Posted on February 10, 2016

by Keeley

Boro Park - Holy Spirit ES G2 1989-907

School uniforms can look super cute!

Do you want to wear uniforms or have you? Do you like uniforms? What is a uniform? An uniform is an outfit worn by people that are members of an organization that all look the same. And I’m sure after you read this you’ll want uniform. Students are focusing more and more on clothes so there should be school uniforms at every school. This is why we should have them one kids won’t get judged for their clothes, two school will be efficient, last they cost less money. So here’s why we should have uniforms.

School uniforms are great because they are stopping kids from judging more and more kids. Kids in school will not be judge for how they look. You can’t say something bad to someone on how their clothes look if there wearing the same dress as you. They will equal to one another by having the clothes, books, and more. They can work out their differences without clothes, doing it a recess and in speech. No one can put you down by saying you’re clothes are ugly and make you feel bad about yourself. No one wants that.

School uniforms make school look more efficient. Schools with uniforms the students and the school will get better grades. If the principal is getting interview the interviewer might look at the school grade and if grades are good, he might say this is a great school to go to. Then more and more student will go to that school. Which then will make the school more and more popular. And then it would be one of the best school to go to and I know that feeling.

School uniforms cost less money. Parents don’t have to spend money on school clothes they can just by the uniform, which might be cheap! Most of the time uniforms are not that much when you by them at school. It helps you if you don’t have that much money. You could save up to go on a trip, or to buy a small house! We all need sometimes to save money.

Some people disagree that uniforms are a bad idea. They think kids should be free to wear their own clothes because it’s an expression of themselves.   So now you learned all the advantage uniform have like how uniform, stop kids from judging, make schools look more efficient, and save money I hope you learned somethings about uniforms.

Anthony Catalano via Compfight

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Water is Important


Posted by BlogginFrogsStudent | Posted in Community, Current Events & News | Posted on February 9, 2016

Other, Other, Other!! Cesar Cabrera via Compfight

by Sarah

There are beginning to be droughts in many different places so we need to do as much as we can to conserve water. Once we don’t have anymore water and when it is gone it isn’t coming back. We cannot survive without water. What would you do if you didn’t have anymore water? We need to save water because it is limited, it is crucial to our survival, and not only people need water but plants and animals do to.

Since water is limited so we need to save as much of it as we can. If you turn off the water while you brush your teeth you can save up to 4 gallons of water. An average bath uses 37.5 gallons of water. An average shower uses 57.4 gallons of water. An average shower head per uses 7 gallons of water per minute. The normal flush uses 5 gallons of water each time.Not only humans need water to survive but plants and animals do too. Trees, grass, flowers, and many more plants need water.  So we need to save water.

Water is crucial to our survival. Without fresh water people can die in just a few days. We can only survive for 3 days without water, and drinking water also prevents headaches. Trees, grass, flowers, and many more plants need water. All kinds of animals need water, especially fish, whales, and many more animals need lots and lots of water to stay alive just like we do.

In conclusion we are having droughts in lots and lots of places so therefore we need to do everything that we can to save water. Humans, plants, and animals need a lot of water to stay alive. I think that some people believe that right now it is not that important to save water but I do. People think that it is not important to save water because they feel it is something that the government will take care of, or they think it should not concern them yet.



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