March 24

One Old Sock

So if I had one old sock with lots of holes what are ten things I would do with it? Of course the first thing I would do with it is make it a slingshot. Now that would be amazing. I think the next thing I would do is use it as a flower pot, and just think about it. The flowers could even grow out of the holes. I could use it as a rubber band. Also a glove. Maybe a mask. I could just use it as a sock. A whiteboard eraser. I could use it as a lock. A cat toy and a dog toy. That is what I would do with that odd sock.

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Posted March 24, 2013 by Devon in category Edublogs Challenge

2 thoughts on “One Old Sock

  1. Andrea and Julia

    Dear Devon
    Our class also thoght of a slingshot as an idea for a sock with some holes in it.
    The flowerpot was very creative for a sock.
    How can a sock be a cat and dog toy?
    We wonder if a cat or dog would like the toy.
    From Andrea and Julia

  2. Devon (Post author)

    Dear Andrea and Julia,
    Ho would the sock be a good cat and dog toy? Well for the dog a toy to play tug-o-war with and for a cat you could hang it on something and it would be a scratching toy or you could put it on a stick and the cat could try to take it off the stick.
    Thank you for commenting


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