March 28

Who loves soccer?

Soccer is a popular sport. Why? It’s good exercise and fun. It’s also fun to watch your favorite team. Lots of people play soccer and soon if they keep playing they can become a really good or maybe even a famous soccer player!

Soccer is a good way to exercise because you sweat in soccer, and you run back and forth. That means you need lots of water. Before a game people drink water, eat a good healthy snack, and get a good night’s sleep to be prepared for their game.

If you ever are going to play soccer you have to wear the right gear. You need cleats, long socks, and shin guards to protect yourself when something hits you hard.

A lot of people do soccer for fun. Especially famous soccer players. I am going to show you two soccer teams. The one on the bottom is called  LA  Galaxy. The one on the top is called Mexico.

Qué les dirîa?
Photo Credit: Celso FLORES via Compfight

People in for Mexico cheer for the team Mexico because they are from Mexico but not always. They can cheer for different teams too. People in Los Angeles like to watch and cheer for LA Galaxy.

Lots of famous soccer players use the ball called a jabulani because that ball does not have patches or hexagons. We can use many different type of soccer balls. Here are some balls that we were talking about that have no patches.

Do you like soccer? Why?

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2 thoughts on “Who loves soccer?

  1. Cole and Eli

    Dear Julissa,
    We like soccer like you do. Whats your favorite position in soccer? We like being a normal player because we like going up and getting goals and getting energy.
    Cole and Eli


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