May 18

You’ll Only Feel A Small Pinch!

Don’t Worry, You’ll Only Feel a Small Pinch!

Would you like to get the measles?  When you are sick with measles, you get a really

high fever, a bad rash and you cough a lot.  Sound like fun?  Well, if you don’t get

your measles vaccination, this is exactly what is going to happen to you.  You can

avoid this by getting vaccinated.  I think ALL kids should get their vaccinations.

Did you know that outbreaks of measles can occur when kids don’t get vaccinations?

For example, right now there are 51 cases of measles that started in December at

Disneyland.  Ten people in San Diego are infected, and 9 of these people didn’t get

vaccinated against measles.  Measles can spread across the land as fast as wildfire.

Outbreaks can happen with lots of diseases so you had better get your vaccinations.

Kids who get diseases like measles can get very sick and die.  With measles, you can

get a fever of 106 degrees! You also get a very ugly rash that covers your body in red

dots. Would you like to have 1,000 dots on your face?  And besides that rash, some

kids can even die from measles.  One out of every four people with measles have to

be put in the hospital and some kids die even after being in the hospital.

Vaccines are safe and effective.  The measles vaccine is a great way to protect

yourself from getting measles.  Shots might hurt when you get them and your arm

hurts for a few days after.  But, the shot is safer than getting sick with measles.

People who didn’t get vaccinated and are around someone who has measles almost always get sick

So if vaccines are so safe, why doesn’t everyone get vaccinated?  Some people think

that the measles vaccine causes autism. Scientists did tests all over the world and

they did not find a link between the measles vaccine and autism!  If you’re a person

who doesn’t believe in giving your child vaccines, I suggest you trust the scientists.

Some people may still believe that vaccinations are not the safest way to go. But,

trust me, they are!   What if your only memory of Disneyland was getting sick with

measles?  Well, that’s exactly what could happen to you if you don’t get vaccinated.

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