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I’m not lying almost everybody has probably gone through a YouTube stage. Personally I admit that I myself am in that stage where everyday I would rush home to go on my ipad to check Youtube. But that’s not the point. The point is that I never wondered YouTube’s history or creator or any facts but it’s youtubers. So I tried doing research and this is my report about YouTube.

YouTube was created in 2005 by Paypal workers. On November 2006 Google bought Youtube for 1.65 billion dollars. YouTube is now an icon when you press the icons for Google. There are other icons such as drive, gmail, maps, and news. Headquarters is located in San Bruno CA. The founders were named Chad Hurley, Steve Chen ,and Jawed Karim. Chen and Hurley had a hard time sharing videos at a dinner party. Karim wasn’t at the party so he denied the party ever occurred. Idea struck. . . something amazing happened after the dinner party. . . YOUTUBE! Janet Jackson at the 2004 superbowl and Indian Ocean tsunami was Karim’s insparation. He had a difficulty finding clips of both videos.¬† YouTube’s original idea was to make a version of an online dating service called Hot or Not. Youtube’s earliest headquarters was in San Mateo CA above a pizzeria and Japanese restaurant. was made the domain name of YouTube on February 14 2005.

The first ever YouTube Video was titled “Me at the Zoo” of Karim at the San Diego Zoo and was uploaded on April 23 2005 and can be viewed today. Youtube was tested in May before the launch in November. The site grew quickly in fact July of 2006 was announced that Youtube came out with over 65,000 videos a day and a market share of 43 percent and 10,000,000 of video views per day. That was just the beginning because in May of 2010 there were more than 14 billion video views. In october 2006 Google had acquired Youtube for 1.65 billion in Google stock. A typical US person spends 4-5 hours on Youtube according to Wikipedia. Full episodes¬† of shows and movies on Youtube were meant to compete against other shows, movies, and companies.

Youtube is now a popular website that people go on for videos to laugh, dance, learn, and to have fun.

Can you find or name any of these Youtubers?

Can you find or name any of these Youtubers?

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4 thoughts on “Youtube

    1. maya

      Dear Miranda,
      I had no idea that there could be that many posts on YouTube a day! It is a great way to show people neat tricks like the 50 greatest catches of all time but there are a lot of bad things. That is the only con I can think of. It can be addicting like 10 hours of the song “It’s Raining Tacos” or kittys dressed up like dogs or stuff like that. You can also see the shows you watch on TV. Oh, I know another con sometimes you have to pay to watch a post or they say it’s the full movie yet again you have to pay. Or sometimes the poster will say sorry couldn’t get a hold of the episode and for the next 20 minutes it will show a scene of a episode. There is a kid YouTube ment for kids but you could watch those thing on regular YouTube. I think it is to avoid the bad stuff. Sometimes they show rated r ads so kid YouTube has ads like “curious gorge 3 is now coming out in theatres!” Cool stuff. Well you are right YouTube is filled of wonders who could watch all those post? Great post about YouTube it was very interesting.

  1. sophiac07

    Hello, I really love you post because it’s so relatable. I am currently in that stage as well and now I get the opportunity to learn more about the web site I use the most. YouTube has been apart of my life since I was little it’s always my go to thing when I’m bored and done with everything I need to do. Also, what is you favorite Youtuber? Anyways, I love you post and keep up the good work

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