April 19

The Attack of Chocolate Fever!

I’m writing a book review on Chocolate Fever. This book was written by Robert Kimmel Smith. The book Chocolate Fever is about a boy named Henry Green. Henry is a boy that is a chocolate lover that almost eats chocolate every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! He gets a disease called Chocolate Fever that is almost impossible to cure at the hospital! He runs away from the hospital because he doesn’t want to be prodded with needles. Now how will Henry cure Chocolate Fever? Find out by reading this book.

My favorite part is when Mac and Henry get hijacked by two gangsters called Lefty and Louie. This part was a little odd. I like this part because Lefty smells a chocolate bar. I figured out it was Henry that smelt like a chocolate bar. This part is important because they are getting robbed. One of the important events is when Henry gets Chocolate Fever. When he goes to the hospital, they can’t cure him. He runs away. He gets in a car with a stranger named Mac. They get hijacked by two robbers Lefty and Louie.

Henry learns that you can’t have too much of something you love. When he eats too much chocolate he starts getting chocolate pocks everywhere. The problem Henry faces is that he can’t find out how to cure chocolate fever. So remember you can’t have too much of something you love!

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