March 28

Minecraft is fun


Minecraft is fun. What is Minecraft? Minecraft is a video game and the entire game is made of blocks or made up of block stuff. The object of the game is to survive and get better gear and stuff. So you can fight monsters and get stuff in caves.

There is a creative mode so you can do and get any thing and do anything. There is also a survival mode and you have to mine and craft stuff. Also if you want when you’re in survival you can play on peaceful mode so there are no monsters and your hunger won’t go down.

Minecraft is very popular and many kids play it. You can also meet your friends if you play online.

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Posted March 28, 2013 by Minecraftman in category Edublogs Challenge

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6 thoughts on “Minecraft is fun

  1. haleybugr88

    Dear Ryan,
    I really liked your post. Minecraft is really fun but I think you should put what monsters and mods there are. I think that you forgot to say that you can join your friends on X box too. And you can also play on your phone, tablet, and ipad.

  2. Climb High Grade 3 Bloggers

    Dear Sir _Ryan,
    We play Minecraft too (but not at school).
    You explained how to play MineCraft very well. I (Carson) can play with 8 friends at one time. I (William) play the pocket version but will get the full version later. A good server to try is

    We have a question for you.
    Why is there no heads on your Avatar animals?
    William and Carson

  3. Sir_Ryan (Post author)

    Dear Carlson,
    the reason my animals have no head is the computer world not let me put any more space in my pic.

  4. Taylah

    Dear bloggin frogs
    I really like mine craft and I really like you’re mine craft post . You have put a lot of interesting tips on how to play the game ,thanks for the tips I’m sure they will help a lot of people!! Keep on minecrafting!!
    From: Taylah .m.

  5. Ryan (Post author)

    Dear Taylah,
    Thanks, i like Minecraft To. and i like your saying
    keep on Minecrafting.

  6. rami

    Dear Ryan, I liked your post on minecraft. I think you described creative and survival well. I like mincraft and I play it a lot. Did you get the new update? I love it because you can enchant.


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