November 21

Keep our earth clean

There are 3,091 active landfills in the U.S and over more than 10,000 old landfills. That’s a lot of landfills! What if we all recycled more? Then the U.S would have less active landfills. Many people recycle to save trees, and keep the earth clean, happy, and healthy.

If you start recycling there would be less landfills. People throw a lot of things in the trash can, instead of recycling them. Why don’t you  go in the recycling bin? Many say things can be recycled such as bottles and boxes. Bottles and boxes take up a lot of space, that space can be saved in the recycling center. If we don’t recycle all that trash goes into the landfill.

How do you know it can be recycled? Should this bottle go in the recycling or the trash? You know it can be recycled because on the bottom of a water bottle there are little recycling symbols on the bottom. in the middle of the bottle or container there is either the #1 or #2, and that means that it usually goes in the recycling can in your house. Instead of throwing away things that should be recycled, makes sure you go in the recycling bin. Usually people don’t look on the bottom of a bottle and just throw the in the trash. That is a landfill waiting for you.

Don’t use plastic bottles. Use a reusable bottle instead.

People reuse water bottles or reusable bottles to save money but this also helps save the environment. When people do this they don’t have to keep buying so many water bottles. There are over 2 million tons of thrown away water bottles in landfills in the U.S. says the Water Bottle Project. I think that we shouldn’t buy any more disposable water bottles. You should buy a reusable bottle so you don’t have to keep throwing away the plastic bottles. This will help save the environment.

You can recycle or reuse paper too. Use the front and the back of the paper. You know the scraps that you get after your done cutting? You can reuse those scraps to make anything you want without throwing it in the trash. This means less trash in the landfill too.

Do you want the world to be filled with trash? Think about it for a second. The world depends on this. You can use a reusable bottle and check the labels to make sure if something can be recycled. It just takes a minute to recycle things. Many people recycle to save trees, and make the earth clean, happy, and healthy. 

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Posted November 21, 2013 by Caitlyn in category Edublogs Challenge, Student Posts

3 thoughts on “Keep our earth clean

  1. haleybugr88

    Dear Caitlyn,
    I totally agree with you, all those things in the landfills that can be recycled take up a lot of space which is bad. Some people don’t realize that if you don’t recycle then a lot of our resources can be gone and we won’t be able to make things that we need. I recycle everything from boxes, to plastic bottles, to cans, and to glass. You did a great job.

    Your Classmate Haley

  2. Mackenzie

    Dear Caitlyn,
    I agree that we should recycle more. I guess I never thought about things that should be recycled going to landfills. When I get home I am going to make a sign on the recycling bin so everyone knows to recycle. Great job Caitlyn!

  3. Emilie

    Hi Caitlyn! Your post was very convincing. The only problem is you accidentally wrote ‘Why don’t you go in a recycling bin?’. Other than that you had great voice and strong facts.


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