January 17

Red Ribbon Week

By Lauren and Dalia

There is good and bad drugs.The good drugs are the ones that make you healthy and the bad drugs are the ones that are very fatal (death). We need to keep drugs out of the country. The very special agent Kiki found a really deadly drug. We honor him by saying NO to drugs. The people wearing blue ask you at the boarder who are you with, what are you bringing, and where’s your passport. Also if you are driving a  truck from mexico and bringing foods from that country, you always have to get the fruit checked to make sure there aren’t any bugs or little parasites to infect humans and some of the other fruits at the grocery store.

If you want to become a police officer, it’ll take you 3 years to become a full police officer. Near the border there is a tunnel that leads to mexico. Mexicans can smuggle drugs from mexico to the united states. Luckily police officers are catching and arresting so smugglers. Also we are learning if you find something on the ground that looks like cant or something you don’t know of, you should get an adult or call the police. Some drugs look like powder, some look like pills, and some look like regular food. When police officers are looking for drugs, they use special trained dogs to find them. When dogs are being trained the police officers get two backpacks and put a drug in one of them. If the dog finds the right one… then he gets to play with a police officers favorite toy… a rubber hose.

In the world people get addicted to drugs. Some people get really ill or die if they swallow a drug. Some of the drugs like cocaine, heroine, and ecstasy are one of the deadliest drugs. When a police officer finds a guy with a drug he will send him to court. Then the police officer will try to detect what type of drug it is. Sometimes the person who is  carrying the drug will get charged and sent to jail. Sometimes when a police officers are looking for drugs they use  trained dogs to sniff and hunt the drug dealer. Police officer dogs start training when they are one year old and they stop when they are ten. Then they live with the police officers as a house dog.

When police officers are looking for a really dangerous guy with drugs or deadly weapons, the use a little robot that is called the throw bot. The throw bot has night vision, a camera, lights, and it can be thrown in a room with out it breaking. But the throw bot costs about $2,000. When the police officers find were the bad guy is hiding, they send in a swat team with protective armor and weapons. They also have ear protection so they can protect their ears and hear foot steps. The swat team even has a shield that is very strong and most bullets can’t go through. The shield even has glass so you can see through. But the glass can be broken by a really strong bullet. So to keep safe, don’t eat anything you see, don’t go up to strangers, and tell an adult if you see something strange on the ground or if you see a weird looking person.

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