January 17

Hunting For Sport Should Be Banned


  Did you know a whole species of animals gets killed in less than one year?  Hunting for sport should be banned, because it has endangered thousands of species.

  Animals feel pain just like humans.  How would you like it if someone was dragging you by a hook that has been punctured through a part of your body?  Animals don’t try to hurt humans but if are trying to hurt them they may attack.  Any animals that have hurt humans they were probable scared.  Animals don’t go looking to eat people, people go looking for them.

   Is a trophy and a big steak really worth it?  NO IT’S NOT!  Hunting for sport costs 100,000 dollars for all the supplies.  If you’re on a hunting team think of how many lives you have killed.  If you always hunt for fun, you are a murderer.

    Hunting for survival is understandable.  Usually people that have to hunt to live use every part of the animal.  They use their fur for blankets and clothing, they use the meat to eat, and they use the bones to make a house.  If you’re hunting for fun that’s just mean and cruel.  Like I said in the 2nd paragraph how would you like it if you’re innocently walking around and you get shot for nothing.

    In conclusion, hunting for sports should be banned.


1.  Animals feel pain

2. A trophy and a big steak isn’t worth it

3.  It’s just mean and careless

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Posted January 17, 2015 by Syd in category Student Posts

7 thoughts on “Hunting For Sport Should Be Banned

  1. lemirandan

    Animals are innocent. They just defend themselves and fight back when they’re scared. Imagine you being an animal, being hunted , and facing the eyes of DEATH

  2. swimgirl955

    I totally agree with you that animals shouldn’t be hunted down for no reason at all. I especially think it is unfair that hunters are hunting wildlife for a sport. I hope your post will help make the world not kill animals in the wild for a sport.

  3. Jenny

    I totally agree with you that hunting for sport is wrong, there are some people who hunt to live. If you get a big steak from hunting, it is no longer for sport. Food is essential for life, and some people do not have access or money to go to a supermarket so must hunt, although I do hope that those people will use as much of what they hunt as they can, not just get a trophy and a big steak. At the same time, there are animals that should not be hunted, such as tigers and other endangered animals, for which I agree with you one hundred percent. 🙂

  4. Vincent Van Londen

    Ok, not all hunters hunt for fun. Im a hunter and we dont hunt for fun, we hunt so we can eat the meat. This doesnt mean that we kill for the kill some do but not all. While taking the class to get the license they say to use everything and you put down the animal with one shot so it doesnt have to suffer. Hunting is a hobby unless you get paid for it then no but it doesnt mean we are murderers, we are since we killed the animal but then technically stepping on a bug call you a murderer. Having it as a trophy is part of the hunt only if it is remarkable mount of antlers or the size of the animal

  5. Sophie

    Dear Syd,
    I don’t think hunting for sport should be completely banned, but banned for the animals that are endangered would be much better. If someone thats hunting for sport kills an animal, and eats it for food, that would probably be okay. If someone kills an animal, and just leaves it there, that wouldn’t be fine (except for vultures, they get free food).

  6. Annabel

    I really like your point of view but animals also have a very big overpopulation problem. In Missouri they have a deer problem. But overall good job!

  7. kellie says

    I thought hunting would help but I been reading how cruel it is. Hunter are killing endangered species! In my family we love hunting but I would totally disagree with what my family says. You both are very correct. About 100,000 animal get killed a year and 40,000 of the 100,000 is killed for the fur.Think about this well our population of humans are over limit and you don´t see animals hunting us do you?


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