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Hello class of 2015-16 and welcome to our fabulous class blog! In the past Bloggin Frogs have participated in the Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge. It begins in September, and so soon we’ll make connections with other classes  through our blog. But before that I’d like a few enthusiastic bloggers to be our guest contributors on our class blog. You can write about anything really. You may want to write about your initial impressions of 4th grade, why you’re excited to start blogging, a book that you just read and want to share with others, a great movie you just saw, maybe even a current event you just heard about . . . it’s really up to you.

If you’re interested, please leave a comment on this post. AND remember–never use your last name when commenting online, and always check what you’ve written before you post your comment!

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to our blog!

  1. Hi Mrs. McKelvey! This is Mrs. Quigley, a fourth grade teacher in Hudsonville, Michigan. We would love to blog with your class! This would be our first time to do this, so we could use some tips! Please let us know where your class is from.
    Mrs. Q and the gang

    1. Dear Mrs. Q and the gang,
      We are from San Diego, California. You can find out all about us by visiting our “About Us” page on Bloggin’ Frogs…although, we do need to update the information a little bit since last year’s class wrote it. We look forward to blogging with you!
      Bloggin’ Frogs

  2. I love minecraft too because its so awesome because there’s too modes you can go on servers and there awesome because you can play games and that’s cool.

  3. Hello Mrs. McKelvey!
    I’m Mrs. Cruz, I came across your blog as I am learning about classroom blogging. This experience is very new to me! I am also a 4th grade teacher, but I live in Las Vegas. I just wanted to say I am enjoying your blog so far, and have great new school year!
    Mrs. Cruz
    (LOVE LOVE LOVE San Diego!!! My favorite place!)

    1. Mrs. Cruz,
      Thanks for visiting us and leaving a comment. We are glad you are enjoying our blog. Have you started a blog with your class yet? We’d love to connect.
      Mrs. McKelvey

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