January 6

Unusual Animals

I am going to talk about animals. If you look at the title, then you’ll know they will be unusual. So the first one is the blobfish. It was elected for the ugliest animal in the world! Do you think it’s ugly? I think a little. It lives in deep water around southeastern Australia and Tasmania!

The unusual blobfish. It looks a little like a human face.

Next is the Aye-Aye. The Aye-Aye is a scary animal. At least I think it is. It lives in Madagascar and if you see him, RUN! Well that’s what I would do. It’s eyes are BIG and scary. It’s part of the lima family. It lives in trees.

The aye aye is one little scary creature!

Last but not least, is the Axolotls! Axolotls are easy to handle. They do not bite. They are not dangerous either. This thing is so cute I wish that they lived here in San Diego. But if you live in Mexico city your in luck because the Axolotls lives in the lake complex of Xochimilco (SO-chee-MILL-Koh) near Mexico City.

This cute axolotis looks like an alien.

Were you suprised these unusual animals are real? I hoped you enjoyed learning about these unusual animals! Check out the video below. It has ten more unusual animals.

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3 thoughts on “Unusual Animals

  1. Jonah

    Dear Bloggin Frogs,

    This article was very interesting and I learned many new things about axolotls. The video that you attached was also very informative. Have you ever gotten to see one of these strange animals in person?


  2. Jake

    Dear Alex,
    I really like your blog about your unusual animals.
    They are really cool and fun to read about.
    How did you find all this information?
    It’s so interesting.The funniest one was the Aye Aye it looked funny and cool.


  3. victoria

    Dear Bloggin frogs,
    Your blog was very interesting.I enjoyed learning about the blob fish, aye-aye and the axolotis. Did you know that the blob fish was voted the ugliest animal? What do blob fish eat?



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