January 7

Strange Animals

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I’m going to tell you about some strange animals. The first thing I will tell you about are mutations. Some animals like goats can have six legs. Cats can sometimes have only one eye but they die almost immediately after being born.

Other things just look weird like the Blobfish. Some animals are bred like ligers or mules. Most animals that are bred are bred with animals in their own species. Animals need to have a lot in common to be bred together. Donkeys have a lot in common with horses and produce mules. So lions with tigers have a lot in common and make ligers. Dogs have many other creatures like them, such as wolves.

Last but not least there is photoshopped animals. It’s cool to see what people think look cool but sometimes people just like to make things look goofy that’s all I’m going to to tell you.

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Posted January 7, 2020 by madeline in category Animals, Student Posts

2 thoughts on “Strange Animals

  1. Ava

    Dear Madeline,
    What is the most amount of legs a goat can have? I never knew that a goat can have so many legs and a cat can have one eye!
    From, Ava

  2. Chloe

    Dear Madeline,
    That is cool and sad at the same time because is rare that a lamb has six legs but I wonder how hard is to walk. I love animals so it is very sad.
    From Chloe B.


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