January 13

Elephant Birds

I think everybody knows that the elephant birds are extinct. How did Elephant birds become extinct ? What were they like?

An extinct elephant bird.

The birds lived in Madagascar in Africa. Did you know that the elephant birds were the tallest birds? They were 3 meters tall and some even 4 meters. Elephant birds don’t fly. Elephant birds’ eggs were really big and strong. Some archaeologists could even stand and jump on the eggs and they didn’t crack and break them! The elephant birds become extinct because people were hunting them.

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Posted January 13, 2021 by adiya in category Animals, Student Posts

3 thoughts on “Elephant Birds

  1. Zachary

    Dear Adiya,
    I thought this blog post was amazing; it had so much fascinating information. What year did these ginormous birds go extinct and how many were in the world before they got endangered?



  2. shay

    Dear Adiya,
    I love your blog because I like learning about different animals around the world. I think elephant birds are interesting. I did not know that was an animal. This is the first time I heard about them. Did these birds travel in herds?

  3. Jeffrey

    Dear Adiya ,

    I really liked your blog . I did not even know that they were an actual
    animal . I learned a lot from your your blog . I would like to learn a lot more about Elephant Birds. What were their babies called?


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