May 15

A Book Review of Poppy by Avi

Poppy is an adventurous book

We have just finished Poppy by Avi. Poppy, the main character, is a deer mouse. In the story her starving family needs a new home. The vile Mr. Ocax will not let them move to New House because it might lose the family of mice. Poppy goes on an exciting adventure were she meets Ereth a sassy porcupine that is rude. She disobeys Ocax about going to New House. Poppy does not know that she is in grave danger and is getting followed by Mr.Ocax who is very evil! Will Poppy battle and survive, read the book Poppy to find out.

My favorite character in Poppy is the funny and sassy porcupine Ereth. In the story Poppy says, “He’s most likeable unlikeable character.” He’s rude and funny. He says things like, “Get the bee’s butt out of my toilet!” and “What the bee’s butt are you doing her, fur ball?” and “Who the dung beetle bit are you, anyway?” That’s why I like the sassy porcupine Ereth.

Poppy learns that she can’t live her life being fragile. So she has to take some big risks. The big problem in this story is for Poppy’s family needs to find a new house. Mr.Ocax won’t let the mice family move and he blames it all on Poppy because Poppy and her boyfriend went on Bannock Hill without asking Mr.Ocax’s permission. It wasn’t Poppy’s fault at all. It was Mr.Ocax fault because he doesn’t want his dinner to disappear far away. Poppy goes on daring adventure to find out the truth. If you want to find out more read the book. Poppy never gave up and did her best and she made it to New House.

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