November 20

Pokemon is awesome

Pokemon is a fantasy land of imaginary creatures. Trainers use them for pets to battle or play with it. Pokemon in Japanese it means pocket monsters how can this fit in your pocket? What Pokemon is exactly?Pokemon is magical creatures used for lots of reasons. Who it is you and your pokemon doing what you chose to do. Where the Kanto, region Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova,and last the Kalos.Why I don’t know, what do want to do battle, play or as a pet.

Playing Pokemon TCG (trading card game) is very fun from Pokemon from Kanto region to the Kalos region (Pokemon region). But watch out for fakes! Watch this video to find how to identify fake Pokemon cards. They look like this…

fake slow king prime.


This is not fake it is in a different language

Most of them I have poke blue sister poke crystal.They recently announced the new games alpha ruby and omega sapphire.┬áPokemon is awesome and many ways to play. What’s your favorite? Share in the comments below.

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I like star wars and play Pokemon and like Legos.Every year I go to San Diego Comic Con.

2 thoughts on “Pokemon is awesome

  1. Bradrad

    I think that the Pokemon trading card game is better because one I don’t have a D.S. and to it kind of boring but I play the online trading card game and that is really fun because you can battle with other people and open booster packs and create decks and chat and i also play at real Pokemon tournament and my deck is good I guess even though I have a Mega Charizard Ex, I don’t get it in my hand very often, I’m still good so bye, and also do you have a Hercross Ex

  2. bradrad

    did you see the new set the new set that’s coming out. It is called BREAKTHROUGH and it is coming out THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!­čśĄ I hope the first week it comes out it is standard for my pokemon deck. i also hope there really cool pokemon EXs.bye


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